How to Cook a Fine Steak


The web is littered with best-way-to-cook-a-steak-ideas, but we’re using Gordon Ramsey’s approach because he works with properly butchered, high-quality steaks. He sometimes talks about Kobe beef, for example, one of Holy Grail Steaks’ offerings. In other words, Ramsey knows his steak!


So let’s get to it. Gordon Ramsey’s advice on cooking a perfect steak:


  • First, and very important, trim off excess fat and let the steak come to room temperature on a plate on the kitchen counter for at least 20 minutes before putting it into the hot frying pan. Note: the HOT frying pan. Don’t let the steak sit in a pan that is still heating up. The burner should be set to medium high. You want to hear the meat sizzle as soon as it hits the hot pan.

  • Add Olive oil to pan as it is heating up. Lightly season the steak with coarse salt and coarse pepper and lay it in the pan. Remember: these steaks are rich in flavor, so don’t add a lot of extras. Listen for the sizzle. No sizzle? That pan is not hot enough! 

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  • Important: immediately put a good sear on both sides so that the steak doesn’t stew in its own juices. Ramsey uses tongs to turn the steak every minute so that it cooks evenly. Don’t use a fork; you’ll break the sear and juices will leak out. 


  • Like the good French-trained chef that he is, he adds butter as the steak is cooking to keep it from burning. You can also render a strip of fat that you earlier trimmed off the steak. When it’s close to finished, he adds slightly crushed garlic cloves and a few fresh thyme sprigs. Garlic burns easily, so wait until the cook is almost done to add the garlic.

  • If your steak still has a ribbon of fat on its edge, render the fat down thusly: hold the entire steak upright with the fat resting in the hot pan.


  • Plate the steak and let it rest for a few minutes before serving.

Enjoy!  Annabelle.

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